Cyan Stack

Cyan Stack

Cyan Stack’s proven architecture is made-up of a variety of standards-based and open source technologies, and innovative approaches to enterprise mobility.

The Cyan Stack implements a hybrid HTML5 approach. By utilizing common web technologies like HTML and JavaScript and modern development frameworks such as VueJS and Vuetify, Cyan mobile apps and solutions provide an appealing user experience, are cross-platform, and adapt to a broad variety of smart device screen sizes and form factors. Through its use of open source products such as Apache Cordova and Couchbase Lite, Cyan apps run locally on the host smart device, providing superior performance, robust offline capabilities, and full access to native smart device features and capabilities (e.g., GPS, Camera, Barcode Scanning, and NFC or Bluetooth connectivity to various sensors & peripherals).

The Cyan Stack also provides a flexible yet robust cloud-based message orchestration, integration, and administration infrastructure that connects back-end business systems and / or data repositories to Cyan mobile apps and solutions in a manner that is secure, reliable, efficient, and performant. Developed as a native Azure PaaS application, this infrastructure benefits from the intrinsic reliability and dynamic scalability provided by Microsoft Azure, ensuring high availability and performance while minimizing costs (compared to traditional hosted systems).

Integration approaches ranging from RESTful Web Services to Secure FTP enable interaction with almost any software system or data store. As a cloud-based system, the Cyan Stack is fully managed – eliminating the need for customers to procure, provision, and maintain additional on premise hardware and software. The Cyan Stack’s web-based Administration Portal provides access and support from a web browser, anywhere in the world. It even includes a best of breed Mobile Device Management tool delivering the breadth of features and capabilities needed to support even the largest and most dispersed mobile workforce.

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