Mobile Field Service Solutions

Mobile Field Service Solutions

Experience matters, and for many years Blue Dot has been solving the most challenging problems within the disruptive, and ever changing mobile field service space. We’ve strived to embrace and solve these challenges, and successfully incorporate them into our products and solutions

For the Executive

As the person ultimately in charge, you need to be forward thinking and that means realizing that mobilizing your remote workers has shifted from being a good idea to an absolute necessity, all while being certain your investment in mobile is realized…

For the IT Crew

You’re the keeper of “IT” and need to be certain the technical underpinnings for key areas such as integration, synchronization and workflow logic to name a few, are architected in a way that provides certainty the mobile solution will perform to everyone’s expectations…

For the Technician

You are out in the field on the front lines and everyone expects things are getting fixed and inspected in quick order. You are sometimes connected and sometimes not, but that’s not your concern as you have one focus; to the job done right without any technology hassles getting in the way…

For the Administrator

You are the mobile solution commandant, owning key areas of the mobile lifecycle implementation, ranging from initial service deployment to re-provisioning, to supporting remote field workers out on the front lines and maintaining mobile servers to name a few…

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