A fully featured application optimized for any screen-sized mobile device, Cyan Work increases productivity, streamlines remote work order job tasks and enhances the customer service experience.

With it, you can deliver work orders, daily tasks and service requests to employees working remotely — whether within the four walls, on the plant floor or out in the field.

Eliminate paperwork backlogs, stop guesswork from illegible or incomplete entries, and capture timely and consistent data by enabling your mobile workers to access and update work information at the point of performance.  With Cyan Work, you’re able to better control operating costs and gain more value from your backend enterprise systems by leveraging timely data to improve you’re planning and reporting capabilities.

mobile-work-management-screenAdditionally, using mobile devices, remote workers gain real-time access to current job plans, repair histories and spare parts information. This improved data flow boosts productivity throughout your organization — for remote tradesmen, supervisors, administrators and more —

Business Benefits

  • Extend work orders electronically to the point of the transaction and improve visibility, increase work-order capacity, and expand resource utilization.
  • Automate your work order management processes to access detailed asset information quickly and reduce the complexity of paperwork.
  • Recoup significant time by shifting manual processes and paperwork to automated, electronically processed, work that is completed efficiently.
  • Mobile employees receive up-to-date work order details with the ability to update status in real-time, including customer feedback, exceptions, and customer signatures.
  • Increase enterprise-wide adoption of an organizations ERP / EAM system by extending the functionality of this solution out to the field workers.