Swift Transportation Boosts Driver Productivity with Blue Dot App

Jun 15, 2017

Swift Transportation contracted Blue Dot to design and develop a comprehensive Driver Workflow solution for their 18,000+ employee Drivers for Swift Transportation. This solution consists of an all-encompassing innovative mobile app, a cloud-based infrastructure, and multiple exception-based dashboards for different critical back-office job roles.

The mobile app uses a powerful Route Map as its foundation, and then overlays a LEAN Six Sigma-optimized Circle of Service workflow for each unique Stop a Swift Driver is required to make. The Circle of Service displays only those Tasks and Activities that are relevant for each Stop. The Swift Driver is able to request and receive Loads, perform safety and compliance job tasks, view integrated HOS banner data and display, access real-time assistance, eliminate exhaustive operations and administrative paperwork, and much more – all within a single, unified app.

The cloud-based infrastructure provides unlimited scale and reliability, as well as flexibility with integration to all necessary back-office systems. Through its use of advanced architectures and technologies, this infrastructure will enable and facilitate Swift’s transition from older systems to new, less expensive and more capable alternatives.

Swift’s new Dashboards eliminate the “noise” and present back-office personnel with clear, concise, and actionable information through state-of-the art data analytics and machine learning. Furthermore, these Dashboards fully support Swift’s standard operating procedures, significantly reducing training time and improving efficiency and consistency in issue resolution.